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Specially designed for children:

We are proud to present our specially designed wader for children. Our PlayWader is manufactured in Europe. We specialize in fun and colourful designs for children. More colours = more fun! The ultimate rainwear for active children: The Childrens Waders! It's waterproof - it's strong - it's fun to wear!


The Childrens wader is made from PLAVITEX - a mix of PVC and PU. Solid, soft and comfortable waterproof trousers. The wellies are glued/welded to the trousers, remaining dry, even when sitting down in a muddy puddle! The shoulderstraps are robust and adjustable. Buttons on each side of trousers to adust waistline. Each PlayWader comes with a specially designed bag of the same material and colour as the wader.

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Safety when using the PlayWader

Washing instructions


The waders and jackets are made from PLAVITEX. This material is wind- and waterproof. Playing outdoors means tough challenges to your clothing. To meet the highest safety requirements, the best materials from the approved PLAVITEX are used to manufacture our products. As a perfect shield against water and wind, PLAVITEX stands out from other PVC-covered fabrics. Furthermore, thanks to refining additives, PLAVITEX is also resistant to low temperatures. PLAVITEX means a safety warranty and 100% satisfaction. PLAVITEX has no Phatalates and is approved according to EU standard EN 340 and EN 343. Thickness: 0.55 mm.


Our standard collection for this year comes in 2 colours: green, pink and black and - with matching wellies/boots with fun designs.
We have jackets to match.

If you would like other colours, you must order a minimum quantity, (jackets and/or waders). Contact us for further details.

Sizes (EU, UK and US) and measurements
(in cm):


length inside wellies - heel to toe

Length from crotch to heel

Length from heel to under arm

EU: UK: US: Line A (in cm) Line B (in cm) Line C (in cm)
20/21 4/4,5 5/5,5 14,20 43,00 64,00
22/23 5/6 6/7 15,20 44,50 65,50
24/25 7/8 8/9 16,30 48,00 69,00
26/27 8,5/9 9,5/10 17,40 53,00 75,50
28/29 10/11 11/12 19,00 58,50 81,50
30/31 12/12,5 13/13,5 20,40 63,50 88,00
32/33 13/1 1/2 21,60 72,50 97,50
34/35 2/2,5 3/3,5 22,60 83,50 109,50


playground, chest wader, rainwear, children, wet, weather, gear

green PlaygroundWader pink PlaygroundWader Black
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