Useful tips:

Safety when using the PlayWader.

This is how
you mend your PlayWader.



We recommend you wash our products by hand in 30°C. Fill the Wader up with water, put detergents in it, and let it soak for a while. Pour out the water and rinse well. You can, of course, wash waders in the washing machine from time to time, but as with all other rainwear, the rubbing against the walls of the machine's drum, wears the wader out quicker. Wash it by hand and it will keep its strength longer.


Drip drying: Hang it upside down so the water can drain.

In airing cupboard: Hang it upright, using the straps provided.
On heated floors: Put the boots on the floor and fold the trouser down.
The PlayWader dries faster if you dry it inside out.

How to help your child get into the wader by itself:

Fold the trousers down the outside of the wader, your child steps in and pulls them up! :)